Our speciality

experts in the manufacture of olives and pickles

Comolivas was founded in 1999 as a company focused on the provision of services such as seasoning, special fillings, boning and bags.

As a service company, we adapt to the needs of each client, offering a wide range of services from reception in the field to fine packing.

The company

With a modern and versatile production line, we can adapt to any format.


Different formats depending on the customer’s needs

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One of our specialities as manufacturers is the manual stuffing of olives in the traditional way, with natural products such as almonds, garlic, peppers, jalapeños, gherkins, onions, lemon, orange and any type of stuffing requested by our customers.

Filling and placement

Do you know our

These products include chopped hot and sweet banderillas, whole hot and sweet banderillas, spring onions, chilli peppers, piri-piri, gherkins, kimbitos, gordal with cucumber, gordal with chilli, capers, lemon slices.