Our history

Comolivas was founded in 1999 as a company focused on providing services both in dressing and special fillings, boning and bags.

In 2013 and under the direction of the current management, Comolivas went a step further and adapted to the new times, expanding and modernising its production lines.

Currently, in our 11,800 metres of factory we focus on 5 production lines with which we produce both olives and pickles.

Nowadays and with the effort of a team of people with extensive experience and committed to the project, we can say that Comolivas is increasingly consolidated and fulfilling the objectives we set ourselves when we took on this exciting challenge, slowly but surely consolidating our products and services in the market.

As a service company, we adapt to the needs of each client, offering a wide range of services from reception in the field to final packaging, thus giving peace of mind and confidence to each and every one of them.

Our obsession is to offer our customers a good service and the highest quality, having implemented very demanding quality controls adapted to IFS.
Comolivas, synonymous with quality and service.