Our Olives

Manzanilla / Hojiblanca / Gordal

with stone




Stuffed olives

One of our specialities as manufacturers is the manual stuffing of olives in the traditional way, with natural products such as almonds, garlic, peppers, jalapeños, gherkins, onions, lemon, orange and any type of stuffing requested by our customers. We are also specialists in manually placing the olives in the jars.

Within our range of fillings we also work in a more industrialised line, being one of the pioneering companies in filling olives with injected paste without a stopper, adapting our fillings to all kinds of markets and tastes, from the most traditional ones such as anchovies or peppers to the most sophisticated ones made for the most demanding palates such as prawns, salmon, blue cheese, Manchego cheese with denomination of origin, feta cheese, jalapeño, lemon, chorizo and any filling that the customer requests.


Types of packaging

Traditional gourmet packaging

Our traditional gourmet packaging includes our special fillings with all-natural products such as almonds, garlic, lemon, orange, jalapeño, chilli pepper, piri-piri, capsicum…

Handmade and placed in the jar one by one in an artisan way.

Industrial packaging

In our industrial packaging we include our injection fillings, pitted, sliced, pitted olives with different flavours and dressings.

Retail and catering packaging



  • Olives with stone
  • Pitted olives
  • Olives stuffed with injected paste or natural paste
  • Sliced olives

Whole and slice, sweet and spicy banderillas.

  • Gherkin
  • Onions
  • Chilli peppers